About Us

GFG Alliance is an international group of businesses, founded and owned by the British Gupta Family. It combines some of the world's leading industrial, natural and financial resources, working together towards the delivery of a common industrial strategy.

The Alliance's integrated business model encompasses mining, energy generation, metals and engineering, underpinned by industry-friendly financial services, a substantial property portfolio and a skills and education-focused charitable foundation.

Our Australian businesses are steeped in history, with decades of steel manufacturing and mining contributing to the development and prosperity of Australia. 

Our GFG Alliance Australia Corporate teams are located in Sydney and support our executive teams and national business portfolios. Nationally, our site networks include: InfraBuild, including our Steel, Construction Solutions, Wire, Recycling and Steel Centre businesses, and other iconic Australian brands like ARC, Austube Mills, Cyclone, Waratah, EMRAILS and Midalia Steel. Our Liberty Primary Steel manufacturing business is based in Whyalla SA. SIMEC Mining is our Australian iron ore mining assets and iron ore bulk handling facilities in Whyalla SA, as well as coal mining assets in Tahmoor, NSW. SIMEC ZEN Energy delivering Renewable Energy Generation through new and reformed power networks.