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GFG Alliance is reenergising industry in Australia and around the world. We believe that developing sustainable and non-cyclical industry is the foundation of stronger, more prosperous societies. We are on a mission to transform metals manufacturing, engineering and mining in Australia, building on our local resources, sustainable energy, new technology and enhanced skills. We have an agile, entrepreneurial culture built around our Values of Family, Sustainability and Change. Underpinning our Values, we are committed to uncompromising levels of safety, strong customer centricity and diversity. Our Australian businesses are steeped in history, with decades of steel manufacturing and mining contributing to the development and prosperity of Australia. For more information visit About Us and Our History to understand the heritage of our GFG Alliance and Liberty Steel businesses. 


GFG Alliance is an international group of businesses, founded and owned by the Gupta family. It combines some of the world’s leading industrial and natural resources, working together towards the delivery of a common industrial strategy. The Alliance’s integrated business model encompasses mining, energy generation, metals and engineering, underpinned by industry-friendly financial services, a substantial property portfolio and a skills and education-focused charitable foundation. GFG Alliance is committed to sustainability, both economic and environmental, as a means of delivering long-term solutions to cyclical industries. GFG Alliance combines the expertise of world-class industrial, natural and financial resources, working together to deliver a competitive solution. Wherever they are in the world, our people are our greatest asset.

We encourage you to join us on our journey. As much as we deal in steel, we also deal in futures – yours, ours, Australia's


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